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Video Inspections

Duct Armor is a proprietary material

Has a high zink content

Is over 50% bonding agent

Tested for Safety

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Duct Coating and Lining


Benefits of coating or lining duct work as compared to replacing entire heating and air system.

  • Cost - you could save thousands of dollars
  • Comfort - air distribution system operates more efficiently
  • Health - mold will not grow, allergies will be reduced, cleaner air.
  • Space - you won't loose your attic space to bulky duct work.
  • Time - entire process takes less than a day.
  • Convenience - You can stay home while we complete the process.

How it Works

  • We will use a comprehensive video inspection to survey the problems inside your heating and air conditioning ducts so you can see the damage for yourself. The video will show us what we need to determine the best restoration approach.
  • By restoration, we mean we will coat and seal your soiled ducts using Duct Armor’s one-of-a-kind spray-on liner, which encapsulates all mold, rust and toxins. The rubberized sealer also makes your system more energy efficient by filling all air leaks.
  • Typically, in under four hours, your ducts will be restored (depending on the size of the home), and your system can be turned on and used before we even leave your home.
  • Duct Armor does not release dangerous gases and is environmentally safe. You will not have to leave your home during the installation.
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